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This requires that you provide the location of the data that you want to use within the output of the algorithm. Kaggle Notebooks will be used to record and manage all training, testing, and validation procedures. Each notebook will define a data set used for the same experiment and must be saved with that name in its own folder. Within each notebook, you must define the data sets that will be used to train and test the model in order to ensure that they are identical. Notebooks will be used to run the execution of the model and compare the results to the testing data set used in the experimentation phase. This will be done by creating a separate folder for each evaluation data set and the notebook must be saved in each folder with the name of the data set, and will include all the information required to reproduce the experiment. Notebooks will be used to store information about the process that will be used to develop and evaluate the model. This information will be essential for an independent evaluator of the model and any necessary updates. Notebooks must be saved with the name of the model, and will include the name of the data sets that were used to train the model, the name of the file format used to save the model, the hyperparameters used to train the model, the hyperparameters used to evaluate the model, the time taken to train the model, and the results of the evaluation. Developing a Kaggle Notebook Kaggle Notebooks allow you to explore the data sets to train your model, and the data sets to evaluate your model. Notebooks include data sets and questions that can be used to train and evaluate your model, along with Python code that can be used to create your model and its results. Questions and data sets are the core of the notebook. Questions are used to examine an aspect of the data set and create an evaluation and validation data set. Data sets are used to train your model using the code created in your notebook. When using the code or data sets included in your Kaggle Notebook, you are free to use any Python and R libraries that you may already have access to on your machine. Example Kaggle Notebooks The contents of the following Kaggle Notebooks are provided as a representation of the functionality and content that can be found within a Kaggle Notebook. 1. Kaggle Notebooks 2. Kaggle Data Sets and



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Behzat Rasuli Problemler.pdf 2022

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